A survival weekend with a twist. Not only will you learn the basics of fire making, shelter building and bushcraft, you’ll also experience military practices, team tasks, mental agility as well as pushing yourself to new levels.

The survival

How do you make a fire? How would you even start to build a decent shelter? Never needed to think about these issues have you? But we all know deep down, we have this inner desire to master these simple but useful tasks.

Here’s your chance to experience true nature and learn how to take care of yourself in any situation.

Fire Building
Shelter Making
Terrain Tests
Survival Foundations
Teamwork Drills
Personal Development

20 places
per weekend

4 Weekends per year

With only 20 spaces available for each weekend and with only 4 events per year there is little time to dilly dally, book your spot now.


Ready for an adventure?

Do you have what it takes? What about your mates, do they have what it takes?
Here is where you will find out!
This is no ordinary survival weekend. You will learn the basics - fire making, shelter building, etc. Plus the secrets of trained Royal Marine Commandos -sniper school + lots more..

Thank you for enquiring about our epic weekend. You will be contacted shortly regarding the EPIC WEEKEND and how to book your spot!
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Knights of the past

Here’s a few words past Knights has said about their experience working with me, in obtaining their goals.

Working with Nick really helped me look at myself objectively and spending time with him enabled me to learn more about myself. I would strongly recommend working with him.

Ben Fordham

During a personal financial crisis,
Nick was there to help me focus on
a practical way forward and inspired
me to succeed and reach my goals.

Amit Valla

I was unsure about my future and what decisions to make. Nick helped me to
see clearly and I haven’t looked back since. I absolutely love my life now.

Spencer Parker

My coaching session with Nick Knight
was fantastic. Nick was extremely professional and created a safe space
for me to express.

Bhara Bezia

Want to transform your life?

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

- Albert Einstein

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Get to know me better and the way in which I think. See for yourself and decide whether you are a right fit, for becoming a true hero.